Final Edit of Music Video

Below is my final edit of my music video that I made through iMovie. After taking some feedback in from my 2nd Edit i decided to change some of the colours within it to see a clearer difference between narrative and story and also added colour to create a certain mood that I wanted to be represented (Such as the blue to feel cold, sad and alone).



Evaluation Pt.1 – How My Final Product Product Uses, Develops, and Challenges Forms of Real Media Products.

Above is my 3×3 grid of some shots from my music video. Each of these shots in some way Uses, Develops, and Challenges forms of real media products.

Below is another 3×3 grid of real media products that I decided  was close to what I was challenging, recreating or developing.

Pic 1-

On the right is a still shot of my actor Grace lip- syncing. The first shot develops and uses the genre conventions of pop through the close up and effects.  As you can see I took inspiration of this shot from Rita Ora’s Your Song as she is wearing bright red lip stick and has an effect on the video as well as having a close up on her face with the lip syncing. For my own video I wanted to add this shot within my own music video as it focuses on the main singer and shows her emotion more and so it is effective towards the audience as they can see her emotion.

Pic 2-

This next shot I decided again to use a real for of media product within my video. As you can see I got inspired from the shot on the right from Hailee Steinfeld – Rock Bottom ft. DNCE . For this shot I used a mid shot and followed her out the door as I really wanted to focus the camera on her walking away from the fight as you can really see her emotion of being drained and upset from the fight and it makes the audience feel sympathy towards her. Hailee Steinfeld music video has this shot as well and as an Audience member watching it you really felt her pain of the situation she was in and so I wanted to re-create a similar effect on my audience so they would carry on watching it.

Pic 3-

This shot includes a close up of them together and seeing their love from one another. Again I took inspiration from Hailee Steinfeld Rock Bottom as you can really see on the shot on the right the love that the actors have for each other and I wanted to re-create this within my music video. However in some way I challenge the real media forms as instead of it showing him with the main singer I show him with his new girl instead so the audience can see how much he actually is in love with this new girl.  I added within this shot a cold colour effect as I wanted the colour to represent the main singer’s feelings of how lost and heartbroken she is that he is with someone new.  Effects and filters allow us to create feelings that we want the audience to see and hopefully from feedback I will get this emotion across to my audience through the use of this effect.

Pic 4-

The Shot on the right (From Rita Ora’s Your Song)  I love because  of the silhouettes against the sun on the water and so with  that I wanted try and re-create it. However although I may of wanted to re-create this scene I wanted to challenge the real media forms by making it just the girl there with the breeze of wind pushing her hair back as if it is representing her being free from the struggles she had within that relationship. Usually in the music industry music videos they usually don’t have the girl being independent they are always seen with  being in a relationship of some sort so i wanted to bend that and have a relationship but by the end of the music video her not being in one but still being strong and independent.

Pic 5-

In this shot I used forms of Real Media Products. On the right is a still shot of Hailee Steinfeld Rock Bottom. I liked the idea that they were fighting over something and I really like how they focus on the characters emotions though the close up shots of their faces. For my music video I used this idea from her music video and instead of close up I decided to use a mid shot so the audience can get more of the actors body language. I also added a blue effect to create the coldness and no love between the two characters.

Pic 6-

I like the idea in Taylor Swifts Music Video out of the Woods where she was lost and couldn’t find herself. When thinking of the woods people normally stereotypically think of being lost in them because they are so big and so for me I wanted to use the woods in my music video to represent that same feeling of being lost and confused at what is going on similar to Taylor Swifts Out of The Woods. I feel looking back that I represented this quite well due to my actors movement and also my cinematography moving around her to show the audience that she is surrounded by the woods (and to make them see she has lost herself when being in this relationship).



Pic 7-

Again I used a real form of media product in this shot. As you can see on the right (taking from The Vamps Music video All Night) The camera is sitting at an angle that you can only see him doing his hair in the mirror and I really liked that idea however I challenge the typical media forms by making it seem as though she was changing her personality because she was finding herself again so instead of her wearing baggy clothes she is now wearing tight top and her hair is swept differently.

Pic 8-

For this shot I liked the idea of using the sofa and so that Is exactly what I did. as it makes it feel more homely and nice. looking back I feel this may of not been the best idea as the actors weren’t 100% comfortable doing it and it is very visible to see this in the video.  (Got inspiration from Rock Bottom Hailee Steinfeld).

Pic 9-

This was a must shot that I needed to have within my music video. Again I got inspiration from The Vamps Staying Up music video as you can see on the right the girl is standing in a strong position in the centre of the camera and also in open woods with a smoke grenade. Similarly I wanted to use this in my music video as i found as an audience member that it was very cool to watch and it and also the white smoke acts as though the girl is free from her worries however I was unable to get the smoke and so I decided I still liked the idea of her being in open woods as it made her look as though she is finally starting to find herself and is finally free.


Overall looking at these 3×3 grids that I made I have realised that mostly my music uses real media conventions and does not really challenge them as such. Looking back maybe I should have challenge some of the stereotypical views in music videos such as having a relationship. However I think this has worked quite well and my Video uses forms of Real Media Products.


Below are the music videos on which my music video got inspiration from….



Evaluation 2- How My 3 products link Together.

Below is an infographic I made on how my 3 products fit together. It represents the synergy within my 3 products  (music video, digipak and poster). Synergy is very important to the music industry especially,  as it reflects the star and the image they are trying to create. I did this so I could see clearly on what I had and if I did enough but it also showed me the professionalism of having synergy within your products when advertising.


Evaluation PT.3 Audience Feedback on Music Video

For this task I will be posting some of the audience feedback and also some insight on the analytics on youtube I received on my music video. My Audience expanded from teenagers and young adults to people of all ages, which was really interesting to get the opinion of others audiences who were not my target audience, I found it rather enjoyable and really effective getting feedback from a lot of people and looking at the amount of people who viewed my video.

 After uploading the music video I decided to get some feedback on what people thought of it. To do this I started to think back to my researching task on advertising and how other artists in my genre advertised their work and remembered they posted over all their social media platforms and so I decided to do the same to get as much as my target audience, I decided to try and reach out to as many people as I could so I posted my video on my Snapchat, Twitter and also my Facebook as well as privately messaging some people on my Facebook and Whatsapp. Below are some messages that I sent out on the various sites.


Sending a private message on my Facebook


Posting on my Facebook



From posting over various social media sites over 300 people saw my posts and over 200 people viewed my video.


After the shock of how many people saw it I also got a lot of various feedback of what people thought about it including some things I could improve on which was very nice to see so I can improve on in future projects.

Below is just some of the replies I got from my music video I decided to Make a Przi of all the Feedback I got from my Audience.

Below is some of my Analytics I got from my YouTube and as you can see over 200 people viewed my video and below is whereabouts they are from and the average of how long they viewed my music video.



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As you can see a majority of people who viewed it are from the UK however people from all around the world viewed it such as United States and New Zealand.

Looking at the analytics I did notice that some people did not watch till the end or skipped some of it. I understand that this maybe because of repeated scenes and they were getting bored of it and looking from the feedback I understand this and in future will learn this and make sure I have a variety of scenes.

Overall my feedback has been very positive and I have also learned so much that I can improve on with future projects and I am very grateful for this.

Pt.4 Evaluation – Media Technology and How I Used Them

Below is a vlog I have done (edited on iMovie and uploaded to YouTube). This is to show all the different media technology I have used through out the process of my A2 Media Studies. Within the vlog you will see a variety of things that I used as well as what I have learned from using them.



Pt.7&8 Final Advert

After getting the audience feedback on my poster I decided to change a few things such as the heart in the corner which is now gone and I decided to move the text up into that corner as I feel it was easier to read up there giving me more room down at the bottom to make the main writing bigger and more clearer. Below is my final Advert for my promotion of my album.



Pt5&6 Mock Up of Advert and Audience FeedBack


Above is my advert to promote the artist’s up coming album. To make this advert I decided that I will use the app PicsArt to create it as it has lots of different fonts that you can use and it’s an easy app to work with. 

To start I decided to keep the pop genre stereotypical view of having the main artist on the front of it and centre so the audience are aware of who they are. I then cropped the image more to get a better view of the main singer.


After this I then decided to experiment with the effects that I could use that will keep the warmish colour within my picture.

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After finding the effect I liked best I then went onto deciding on what text to use. After thinking and looking back at the anaylsis i did on Jessie J’s Album advert I decided I wanted at least 2 different fonts on my Poster.

I then decided on the font and changed some colours as well as the Opacity of the Artists name to give it an effect of fading but it’s still eye catching.  I also added a shadow effect onto it to make it stand out more.

Below is the 1st Draft Poster



After designing this I then decided to get feeback from my target audience and below is the feedback I got…

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After getting the feedback I took it all on board and decided to make some changes and in my next post you will see those changes.